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New Day

So yes yes yes, I have been derelict in my posting recently…and yes I kinda fell out from doing the push-ups ahaha.  But this is more a side note on my life, things are looking up.  My car is running, mostly; work is getting better, and I keep being able to see my girlfriend!!!  That part really excites me!  And another cool thing is I am back in class!  I am hoping these classes will help me to better serve my clients in the long run.  Uhm…that’s all for now I guess.  Hopefully I’ll have some more energy later to post a substantial…post ahaha.

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Healthy Mind Healthy Body D2/3

OK so quick little blurb about these last couple days.
First off, body is sore majorly ahaha. But it is a good sore because I can feel the time and effort taking its toll on my body for pushing my limits.
Feeling: OK, struggling to stay positive with all things considered.  Car wasn’t ready this weekend so I missed out helping my girlfriend move, major bummer. Pets could tell I was down because even my antisocial, always hungry cat stayed by my side this weekend.
To be quite honest, that’s all I wanna post today but I will pick up the posts tomorrow when I start this weeks workout for my 100 pushup challenge.

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