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04 Aug

Ok so I know I said I would post after each class but that seemed too tedious and cloggy…if that’s a word. AKA here they are in one post lol.


Today there were six presentations: Empty Chair, Role Reversal, Dreamwork, Relaxation/Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Emotional Freedom, and Identifying Feelings. Empty Chair was an interesting technique that I particularly enjoyed. I like how the client can use this skill to help explore possible options and act out new things. I did not like Dreamwork. It was presented in an interesting manner, not a Freudian manner. My partner presented her Relaxation technique and showed how I did not like Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Talking with the professor was enlightening as I found out that one did not need to induce tension before relaxing your muscles. I did not get to go as apparently I did not have the right connection for the file…embarrassing.


I presented today on Alter-ego exercise. I appreciated the feedback from the others as I was uncertain about my ability to utilize the skill i chose. What I seem to need to work on is my ability to explain a skill during a session enough so the client can easily understand. While I can attribute some of this lack of description to the time limit our videos had, it is a good reminder to understand each skill I try to use. One other skill that stood out was the Thought-stopping skill. While yes the Mad TV skit is a comedic approach to the skill, my classmate’s use of a sudden, loud “Stop” seemed to do the job. His partner even admitted her pause and struggle to continue her conversation was real surprise. I liked how she indicated, due to her loss of concentration, she questioned herself if the topic was important and why she was thinking about that topic.


I presented Autogenics Training today. This was especially nerve-wracking as this skill I personally like and hoped I would perform it well. The professor did not have any qualms and neither did my classmates it seemed. I was greatly encouraged by my ability to explain the skill, process, and how it applies towards counseling with little need for outside help. One skill I watched and enjoyed was the Flooding skill. The use of a computer program and actually getting in a car to help reduce anxiety was really cool. Especially since the partner/”client” was actually afraid of driving.


Watching how Scaling questions can be used for more than initial check-ins for counseling was a great thing to see. I particularly like how the skill was lightly peppered throughout the role play. Whle the main focus was about the skill, it was only used as a tool to help move the session forward. it even helped clarify a client’s thoughts/feelings on where she wanted to go. I can definitely see myself using this tool later in my own sessions.


That looks like that’s about it.

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