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Quick check in

Hey folks,

Just dropping a note to keep this in my mind. My last semester of graduate school is starting next week and I will definitely need this as one of my coping skills haha.

Couple ideas I want to put down for later are: How food/diets can affect your cognition/behavior and the continual struggle of a counseling student.

Hope all is well.

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The thing about grad school

Totally hits on all marks.

Tales of a Crazy Psychology Major

  • The thing about grad school is that you get stretched so thin that you can’t do your best at anything.
  • The thing about grad school is you are too tired too appreciate how amazing it is to be paid to learn.
  • The thing about grad school is that every day is a question of picking which people to let down today.
  • The thing about grad school is that you don’t have the power to arrange your schedule in the most effective way
  • The thing about grad school is that you can’t read google calendar on the weekly view because there are too many things each day.
  • The thing about grad school is you know you are not operating at your full potential when you make mistakes from being over burdened
  • The thing about grad school is that everyone wants the tasks they assign to you to be your number 1 priority…

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Exciting side note!

While this more so deals with my professional development, I passed my comprehensive examination test! Basically this is an end-of-program, all-inclusive test so that I can graduate from the program.

Generally, the program PTBs want you to take this stress-inducing test when you get into practicum. This is mostly due to students only being allowed to take the test three times before needing remediate classes.

Needless to say I am stoked and can feel such a sense of relief. Passing the test is a relief in two ways; I get to graduate once I finish my classes and I know I have a better grasp on my licensure test in October. I say this as they are basically the same setup tests, albeit different types questions!

Anywho… Just wanted to spout out again about this as my friends are probably sick of me going on about this haha. Later all!

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Testing my patience

Long story short, I know I need to do an update for my journal and just overall utilization here. But man, I’m just exhausted from some stuff that went down at my night job and school. Actually, I just finished taking my program’s comprehensive exam so I’m all blargh.

Aka I’ll do a more detailed post later haha.

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Backstreet’s back!

Just a quick check in! I’m back and hoping to pick this back up, as both a therapeutic tool for work, school, and hopefully keep me on top of exercising as stress relief.

I’m alive!!!

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New Day

So yes yes yes, I have been derelict in my posting recently…and yes I kinda fell out from doing the push-ups ahaha.  But this is more a side note on my life, things are looking up.  My car is running, mostly; work is getting better, and I keep being able to see my girlfriend!!!  That part really excites me!  And another cool thing is I am back in class!  I am hoping these classes will help me to better serve my clients in the long run.  Uhm…that’s all for now I guess.  Hopefully I’ll have some more energy later to post a substantial…post ahaha.

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