Scary “P” word… No not that one!

So I had an interesting conversation with my clinic supervisor today. I was looking up information on Adventure Therapy and where it was around central Texas. During my discussion about this method, she drops a word I never thought I would fear… Published.

After picking up my jaw, let me give you the rest of the story as that just might help. Since Adventure Therapy is relatively new, she suggested I do a literature review on the topic. Heck, she would even help me and support me as needed.

… Oh yeah, and after doing this review, I should submit it to the American Counseling Association’s Creative Counseling journal to be published. Uhm… What?!?  Hell I’m just trying to make ends meet for classes and grades, much less become a published pre-Masters student! It would be amazing but, oh who am I kidding… I have already started looking up resources and seeing who I could contact for this.

This fall should be interesting…

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Testing my patience

Long story short, I know I need to do an update for my journal and just overall utilization here. But man, I’m just exhausted from some stuff that went down at my night job and school. Actually, I just finished taking my program’s comprehensive exam so I’m all blargh.

Aka I’ll do a more detailed post later haha.

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Ok seriously, gotta get back.

Ok I’m serious  About keeping more up to date on this blog. This is in part because I need to do a journal weekly for one of my classes I’m currently in but I thought, why not just do them all together?

So first my class. Today we discussed assessments and how we can apply them for different applications. Honestly my initial thoughts about assessments were not so great. I’ve done it before while working with the community mental health clinic, but I always felt so lost when walking through the fields of acronyms and revisions and numbers. But after our professor and TA discussed mental status exam and the different types of assessments they utilize for different situations, such as DARS or DDS, I felt more confident about being able to use these different assessments. I really don’t know, I feel better prepared for my future graduation and for the possible assessments I need to do when I start practicing on my own.

Speaking of practicing, what’s really cool right now is that a way I am practicing while working on my masters. I’m currently working on my internship hours which involves me being at the school’s training clinic providing services for clients. This is so much cooler and more what I’m looking to get out of my degree in terms of seeing people compare to working as a case manager at Coastal Plains Community Center. I do miss working there but being able to apply everything that I’m learning in so much greater freedom takes the cake. This is great for me cuz I can actually pursue my interests in solution focused therapy and narrative therapy while exploring new things I stumble across. I have recently found a relatively new theory for me called focusing therapy. Essentially what this therapy is goal is two have a client um be in touch with themselves, explore their emotions and feelings about a certain situation, and then just followed that feeling focus on it for a long time and then discuss it with the therapist. Things like, did the feeling change? Did the feeling take a different direction? What was it like just observing this emotion? And so on to get a better understanding about their cognitive abilities.

What I really need to keep an eye on though is burnout. After taking my stress management class in the spring semester, I’ve gotten back into reading up and just keep an eye on managing burnout. Not just with me, but just how to deal with it since I have been hit really hard before. Ohoo the joy! Being able to discuss these things these topics and ideas with other clinicians not just my classmates but doctoral students and even with Dr Castillo.

One final thing. I think I kind of messed myself up with my choices of part time jobs while focusing on my internship hours. I say this is because I now work as a doorman at a bar & a hotel valet driver. In both of these jobs I need to remember people, such as regular clients or regular people to the bar, all while trying to remember my client caseload information. So far ive done OK, what I really need to watch my burn out to make sure that I don’t lose my mind.

And actually on that note, I should probably be getting some sleep so that I’m well rested and therefore better prepared to push off the possible oncoming effects of burnout.

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So…back2back again?

Ok I really need to get back with this. As I write this, I am sitting on school campus, waiting for class to begin. Again? Yeah again…but good news everyone! Hopefully I will graduate by the end of the year.

Only hold ups are my practicum (which I should be doing now technically) and upcoming internships. Luckily I can wait til next month to start my practicum while waiting on forms. Internship…that’s another beast. I am hoping to get approval to practice at Laurel Ridge Behavioral which is amazing as it is the largest private behavioral center in Texas! I even lucked out with it being a learning hospital! So stoked…if the clinical committee approves my out of area internship. Fingers crossed all.

I don’t got anything else right now…trying to manage work stress without getting to the point of ignoring problems but meh…only another hour til class haha.

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Worry about worrying

Well I’m back…again haha. So I have this great topic that hit me hard today about being a case manager and my future prospect of being a counselor. Being objective without bring a robot. Lot harder than it sounds.

So let me set the stage. Yesterday, Wednesday, I did a CANS (child/adolescent needs and strengths) assessment on a client. This youth when first presented had issues controlling anger, making both suicidal and homicidal statements, and was very dominating over the guardians. That was probably a year ago. Fast forward to today and two hospitalizations later, all is going well. No issues at home, some tiffs with school still, and was just told that the client stopped using synthetic marijuana recently. Awesome! And here’s the “but.” But, I get a call today that the youth is going to the PD for having lots of baggies of synthetic in possession. My thoughts are there was intent to sell. Well hell…

I realize this is part of the recovery process for substance abuse. A client can go through the stages of precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. All through this there is the possibility of relapse.

I know this! I know the stages, the characteristics, what’s involved. Heck I know some on how to engage a client differently and appropriately in each stage.  This is not even my first go around with clients encountering relapse. But hell, for some reason this has hit me hard.

I want to be objective and think about this rationally. We are told to find that balance of Kirk and Spock in order to be effective counselors. I realize I need to retreat into my Spockiness so I do not encounter burnout from the stress. All this I know! Doing is so much harder.

Retreating, heck I hate just thinking about that word in regards to a clients progress and my mental capacity. Feelings of failure surface even though Spock is looking over my shoulder and saying, “Josh, you can never truly control another being without destroying said being. You must learn to let go, use this as a learning moment for both you and your client.” Kirk is over here trying to tell Spock off and not admitting defeat. Not wanting to be a heartless computer like him. Will I grow into that? I always struggle with that notion of being able to balance those boundaries and keep sane.

Bah, I’m talking about Kirk and Spock fighting on my shoulders even though I like Picard and Data so much more. Have I already cracked?

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Backstreet’s back!

Just a quick check in! I’m back and hoping to pick this back up, as both a therapeutic tool for work, school, and hopefully keep me on top of exercising as stress relief.

I’m alive!!!

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New Day

So yes yes yes, I have been derelict in my posting recently…and yes I kinda fell out from doing the push-ups ahaha.  But this is more a side note on my life, things are looking up.  My car is running, mostly; work is getting better, and I keep being able to see my girlfriend!!!  That part really excites me!  And another cool thing is I am back in class!  I am hoping these classes will help me to better serve my clients in the long run.  Uhm…that’s all for now I guess.  Hopefully I’ll have some more energy later to post a substantial…post ahaha.

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