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Weird type of racism.

Random I know but still frustrating. (Background info: I’m half Spaniard half Russian.) So during the week, I work as a doorman at a local bar to help make ends meet. Growing up in Ohio, I’m used to being subjected to Mexican racism. So much so, that I began to accept the slander and make jokes before others as a way of coping. Not saying it didn’t hurt, but it made the pill easier to swallow.

On the flip-side, I’ve never had anyone say or do anything close to racist about me being Russian. Looking back, it could be the whole being part of the Euro-white but meh. Until recently, I haven’t even been that into learning about my Russian side. Sadly, with all the regime changes, there’s no real way to learn my origins. The closest thing I got was my undergrad professor in Russian Literature. She told me the extra “F” tacked on to my mother’s maiden name indicates my family immigrated to New York by way of France.

Anyways, so the incident. While working at the bar, I told a patron my heritage and, being the level of intoxication that he was, decided my new name was” Dragov”and greeted me with “Heil” and “Nein .” Oh man was that frustrating. If you’re gonna make fun of me, do it right. Not gonna lie, it surprised me on how riled I got from the jabs. I could go on about the things he said but why spread it around?

Either way the tl;dr is this: Treat each human with respect and respect their heritage.


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